Appendix A

 Reproduced from Felicio and Fererra (2007) 

 Appendix B— Policy Documents 

  Scope of Practice for the Speech-Language Pathologist in Assessment and Management of Oral Myofunctional Disorders

According to ASHA:

4Published research indicates that oral myofunctional therapy is effective in modifying disorders of tongue and lip posture and movement

4Assessment and treatment of oral myofunctional disorders are within the scope of speech-language pathology

4Speech-language pathologists who desire to perform oral myofunctional services must have the required knowledge and skills to provide high quality treatment.

4Evaluation and treatment should be interdisciplinary and tailored to the individual

4The speech-language pathologist performing oral myofunctional therapy should collaborate with an orthodontist, pediatric dentist, or other dentists, and with medical specialists such as an otolaryngologist, pediatrician, or allergist, as needed

4Appropriate goals should include the retraining of labial and lingual resting and functional patterns

4Further research is needed regarding evaluation and treatment of oral myofunctional disorders.

                                                                                                                                   (ASHA, 1991)

ASHA Knowledge and Skills for OMD


4Understanding dentofacial patterns and applied physiology pertinent to orofacial myology

4Understanding contributing causative factors related to OMD

4Understanding basic orthodontic concepts

4Understanding interrelationships between speech and OMD

4Demonstrate competence in comprehensive assessment procedures and in identifying factors affecting prognosis

4Demonstrate competency in selecting an appropriate, individualized, criterion-based treatment plan

4Demonstrate a clinical environment appropriate to the provision of professional services

4Demonstrate appropriate documentation of all clinical services

4Demonstrate professional conduct within the scope of practice for speech-language pathology

(ASHA, 1993)